Our Mission

The mission of The Hospice Chaplaincy Resource Center is to

provide cutting edge educational modules and programs to

ensure excellence in pastoral care; creating an environment where a CPE student will develop into an exceptional pastoral clinician.

Our response to the COVID-19 Crisis: The Hospice Chaplaincy Resource Center is actively engaged in supporting the needs of patients and Chaplains.  We urge the proper use of PPE on the part of all Chaplains. Further, we urge Chaplains to follow the directives of your agency.  

Contact me at Rich@hcrc.store or 863-370-6865

We are here to serve you, the Hospice Chaplaincy Community.


Welcome to the HCRC

Your primary 

source for Pastoral Care Support in the hospice environment.

This Resource Center

was created to aid and strengthen Hospice Chaplains.  In so doing every topic has been rigorously reviewed for the highest and best in content and applicability.  In other words, the Chaplain can successfully integrate the material into his or her chaplaincy role.