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Quality training

produces Quality work

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Striving to grow,

and rising above mediocre



Patients are more than body, brains, and breath and need what Chaplains have.

5 Star Chaplain Certificate


There are good hospice chaplains that do not have BCC after their name. That is a fact. For valid reasons, they did not complete 4 units of CPE or completed 4 units but did not seek Board Certification, but desire recognition for what they did do. Enter the 5 Star Chaplain Certificate.


I have identified five key learning domains for hospice chaplains. The 5 Star Chaplain program of learning will take approximately six months to accomplish. With each domain, there is a didactic and home study. There is an exam to ensure a grasp of the material.


A Certificate of Completion will be issued to those who complete the course. The Human Resources Department of the hospice you serve will place this in your Personnel File. You will also receive a certificate that can be proudly placed in a frame and hung on your wall of achievement.

This is a tuition course.

For more information, please contact

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Dementia Care Protocol Certificate


Working with people with end-stage dementia is a challenge regardless of the training one receives. However, with the Dementia Care Protocol the chaplain will gain a unique strategy to connect with these persons. They are still there, we just have to go find them in the fog of dementia. This proven strategy works! 

Dr. Behers has lectured on this at numerous venues including Healthcare Chaplaincy Network conferences and webinars, the Association of Professional Chaplains webinar, The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy conference, The National Association of Retired Federal Employees Florida State Conference, the Alzheimer’s Family Organization in Clermont, FL, and other community organizations.

Dr. Behers wrote Spiritual Care for People Living with Dementia using Multisensory Interventions published by the Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London. 

This tuition-based program of study will equip the chaplain in the how-to of dementia care. A certificate will be presented to the chaplain upon completion of the course which can be placed on your wall of achievement.  

For more information, please contact 

Old and Young

Resilience Training Certificate

Resilience is defined as a psychological ability or quality to cope with adversity. The HCRC argues that there is a spiritual component of resilience.  In this 10 week program of study,  Students will examine the lives of persons, both Biblical and historical, who were resilient and overcame their adversity and develop their own personal coping strategy that will support their personal and professional lives.


A Chaplain must have a high resilience quotient to have a long career.  The student will discover the 13 characteristics of a resilient person.  Further, the student will discover personal strengths and liabilities to personal resilience. 

Being resilient doesn’t mean one has no problems or does not experience the intensity of an event. Instead, it just means that they’ve found a pretty good way of dealing with it more quickly than others.

For more information, please contact

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