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There are times where you need a sounding board or you just need help.  Contact Dr. Behers at for consultation.  He has the experience and know-how to assist you in solving difficult issues in your department.  From building a highly effective Team of professional Chaplains, to leading that Team to the highest Satisfaction Scores on the Family Satisfaction Survey, to terminating a Chaplain, Dr. Behers can provide clarity on the issues and offer a path to success.


Consults can happen in person, on the phone, or through a visit to your company for a seminar-type meeting.  Dr. Behers is known for creating training material for nearly any issue a Chaplain can face, which gives confidence that he will make his presentation specific to your setting.

Throughout his career, Dr. Behers has spoken to workshops at various cognate group annual conferences.  Those presentations were event-specific.  He will do the same for you.

Fees are on a sliding scale so the smallest department can afford this service.  Call or text Dr. Behers at 863-370-6865 for more information.  The first call is free of charge. 


"It is my passion to educate and inspire Chaplains to be the absolute best practitioners of pastoral care because the dying deserve the best."  Dr. Rich Behers

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