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The 5 Star Chaplain Certificate Program Launches May 7


The certificate program is for hospice chaplains that would have liked to have taken Clinical Pastoral Education but could not for one of a myriad of reasons. It is also for the chaplain that wants more to be more effective.   Therefore, I present to you a certificate program titled, The Five Star Chaplain.

The 5 Star Chaplain


Each star represents a field of study.  For instance, candidates for the program will complete study in these arenas of pastoral care:

¶Dementia Care

¶Quality Improvement

¶Chaplaincy Best-Practice


¶Key Pastoral Care Competencies


This is a web-based program meaning it will be offered through the Zoom platform.  The group will meet at a designated day and time for each module.  Each module takes 6 meetings to complete.  There is class time involved, reading, and assignments/projects. 

The tuition per module is $499.

Upon completion of the modules each student will receive a Certificate of Completion and be recognized as a 5 Star Chaplain. Graduation fee is $50 which includes certificate.

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